The Path
To Healing

Raphas is a pioneering world-class technology company that is paving the way towards healing and human health.

  1. Philosophy

    Raphas is a group of good people dedicated to developing technologies that will create a better world.

  2. Vision

    We aim to become a creative company that contributes to human health and happy living.

  3. Mission

    We aim for constant growth
    based on fast and effective innovation.

CEO’s greetings

The founding principle of Raphas is closely connected with the biotechnology researchers' aspirations to transform ideas confined to academic papers or remaining in the lab into practical products.

Traditional methods of delivering drug substances into the human body include orally administered medicines, injections, ointments, and patches.
The 'dissolving microstructure' developed, commercialized and mass produced by Raphas has enhanced the existing drug delivery system, making it not only safer and more convenient but also more efficient in delivery of medicine.

The new drug delivery system developed by Raphas will lead to significant change and enhance convenience in our daily life. It will help many people maintain their youth and beauty by delivering active ingredient more effectively than conventional cosmetics as well as more safely and conveniently than hospital procedures and treatments. (delivering active ingredient)

It can relieve the pain, fear, and discomfort for patients undergoing treatment with injection and provide an efficient and convenient treatment for people suffering from dementia who even forget to take their medicine. Moreover, the patch-type vaccine that Raphas is currently developing does not need refrigeration for storage and distribution and can be used without the help of a specializing doctor and thus can provide a healthy life for children in Africa and other third world countries.

CEO of Raphas Jeong Do-hyeon

For your
healthy journey

Raphas began with just a small laboratory and an idea.
Researchers who had studied biotechnology for many years had a small yet remarkable dream that their knowledge and information would not just remain in the lab but lead to products that actually help humankind.

Their ultimate technology was
to find technologies that would help people to manage
healthy living free from pain.

To realize their dream, they came up with the idea of a microstructure that combined biotechnology with nanotechnology, and then applied semiconductor technology and biotechnology again to mass produce the product. As a result, Raphas was able to commercialize the world’s first new drug delivery system.

Injection, oral administration, ointments, and patches are all traditional means of delivering drug treatments. Although injection is widely used as the most efficient means of drug delivery, it causes pain and requires specialized medical staff, leading to high cost as well as generating medical waste. In the case of orally administered drugs, certain ingredients that are decomposed by the digestive system are difficult to use and are limited in terms of effective delivery because people's ability to absorb drugs varies considerably. In the case of bio drugs derived from raw vegetables, in particular, it is difficult to absorb them through oral administration.

Drug delivery through the skin, despite numerous studies over the years, has not overcome difficulties of the skin barrier, and only some specific drugs have been studied. Most cosmetics currently are applied to the skin, but few active ingredients penetrate and are effective due to the skin barrier.

Raphas has solved these problems and created a drug delivery system that anyone can take drugs painlessly, conveniently, and safely without help by others.
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2019. 12 Completed the move to a new factory in Cheonan
2019. 11 Listed on the KOSDAQ
2019. 05 Received the cosmetics CGMP certification for the Cheonan Factory
2019. 02 Designated as a "Performance-Sharing Enterprise"
2018. 12 Received the ISO13485 certification for the Cheonan Factory Selected as a "Youth-friendly Small Enterprise"
2018. 02 Relocated the head office to the company building in Magok
2017. 12 Designated as an "SME for Human Resources Training"
2017. 11 Received the Minister’s Award for Contributing to Venture Promotion Received the President’s Award for Contributing to the Development of the Materials and Parts Industry
2017. 08 Received the 2017 IR52 Jang Young-shil Award for Technology Innovation
2017. 03 Launched the FitKong brand in the food business
2016. 12 Selected as a Next-Generation World-Class Product
2016. 09 Selected as a Small but Powerful Enterprise of Seoul
2016. 07 Received the Award for Contributing to Technology Commercialization
2016. 05 Received the certification for conformity to the medical device manufacturing and quality control standard
2016. 04 Received the 80th IR52 Jang Yeong-sil Award
2015. 12 Received Ten Million Dollar Export Tower
2015. 08 Established Raphas China and Raphas America
2015. 01 Received the Five Million Dollar Export Tower
2014. 12 Received the One Million Dollar Export Tower
2014. 11 Received the ISO22716 international certification
2014. 07 Received the CFDA certification in China for Acropass
2014. 04 Established Raphas Japan
2013. 10 Registered a patent in the United States
2012. 11 Signed an agreement with Wave for export to Japan
2012. 09 Opened the Cheonan Factory
2012. 05 Received the INNOBIZ certification
2012. 04 Received the Net New Technology certificate
2011. 10 Moved the head office to the DMC Cutting-edge Industrial Center
2010. 12 Selected for a strategic support project by the Seoul Metropolitan Government
2010. 10 Established the Corporate R&D Center
2010. 03 Established the Nanobio Center
2009. 06 Transferred the dissolving microneedle production technology
2006. 03 Established Raphas Co., Ltd


Raphas is evolving together with its human talents who share the commitment to
efficient innovation and shared growth.

CI Design

We contain our dream that, like the small drops of water that are essential to human existence, Raphas’ technology will deliver health and happiness to many people and become a new way of healing.