MediaNews Raphas participated in the recent Dubai World Dermatology & Laser Conference & Exhibition (Dubai Derma) August 10, 2015

Every year Raphas participates in top overseas conventions and exhibitions to promote its products and connect with potential buyers. This year, Raphas participated in Dubai Derma 2015, widely considered a leading dermatological exhibition in the Middle East.

The three day exhibition took place from April 7-9 at the Sheikh Rashid Hall and the Sheikh Maktoum Hall in the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre (DICEC).

Celebrating its 15th event, around 350 companies from 83 nations participated in 3 main workshops, as well as 40 other workshops. World-famous speakers from around the world also participated in a related conference.

The exhibition successfully attracted the attention of numerous dermatologists in the Middle East, and buyers from several countries in the region participated in the event.

(Photo: dubaichronicle)

The event was very large, well-attended, and received a lot of support from the government of Dubai.

In order to promote Acropass effectively in the Middle East, we set up a great-looking booth loaded with promotional videos, clinical test results and Raphas product leaflets before we welcomed our visitors.

As soon as the exhibition was open, many visitors showed interest in Acropass.

Raphas is demonstrating Acropass to the buyers and the press.

The participants from the Middle East showed so much enthusiasm that we were surrounded by the buyers while introducing our products.

We witnessed there was a high demand in effective skin moisturizing products due to the hot and dry climate of the region.

We distributed specially designed leaflets in Arabic to better promote the Raphas products.

The leaflets have detailed explanations about the Acropass microstructures and the directions for how to use the patches.

Acropass has registered patents both in South Korea and in the U.S., along with ISO22716 certification.

This is the view of the Dubai Derma exhibition. Around 8,000 people visited the exhibition, demonstrating strong interest in the cosmetics and beauty industry in the Middle East.

After successfully wrapping up the exhibition, Raphas received this official certificate.

The people of the Middle East thankfully recognized our outstanding microstructure technologies and the exceptional effects made possible with Acropass.

We did our best to promote Acropass during the three days and a lot of the visitors expressed interest in our products.

We look forward to the day when we finally make our debut in the Middle East.

Thank you for reading our blog about Dubai Derma 2015.

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