MediaNews Raphas Officially Launches New Anti-Aging Patch, ‘ACROPASS’ October 30, 2015

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Raphas Officially Launches New Anti-Aging Patch, ‘ACROPASS’


  • Raphas officially launches dissolving microstructure patch ‘ACROPASS’
  • Deep penetration of active ingredients, simple use, and immediate effects of ‘ACROPASS’ results healthy and elastic skin
  • Giving out additional gifts when purchasing ‘ACROPASS’ products as launching event.
  • ‘ACROPASS Launching Media Conference’ will be held at the Grand Ambassador Hotel on Tuesday, the October 27th 2015.


▲ Acropass Ageless Lifter Eye Zone Care

(October 19, 2015) Raphas, a bio company that possesses ‘dissolving microstructure’ technologies, announced on the 19th that it would launch the anti-aging patch, ‘Acropass Ageless Lifter’ in Korea.

‘Acropass’, which applies the dissolving microstructure technologies, a proprietary technology of Raphas, is an anti-aging product with the advantage of a patch that is conveniently placed on the skin with maximized efficient drug delivery functions of the self-injection method. Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid solidified as a microstructure on top of the patch penetrate through the skin’s cornified layer and melts inside the epidermis. Therefore, it has more immediate and better skin elasticity care effects than spreading types.


▲ Acropass Ageless Lifter Multi Spot Care

The ‘Acropass Ageless Lifter’ was launched as ‘eye zone care’ for skin elasticity care and moisturizing around the eyes and the ‘multi spot care’ line for fine wrinkle care. It can be selectively used depending on the area of care, and it is recognized as an innovative beauty device for self-care overseas.

A spokesperson for Raphas explained, “Acropass was recognized for its technology and marketability overseas first and exported first, and later launched in Korea,” and added, “We hope that consumers make it a habit to wear the Acropass before going to sleep, so that you can have naturally healthy skin.”

The Acropass Ageless Lifter can be purchased at its official homepage ( It costs 80,000 won for one box (four pouches) of the Acropass Ageless Lifter Eye Zone Care and 40,000 won for the Acropass Ageless Lifter Multi Spot Care.

In addition, a gift event is being held for purchasers as part of the launching event. When purchasing one box (four pouches) of the Eye Zone care or Multi Spot Care products at the Acropass homepage, one additional pouch will be given as a gift. The event will be held until November 15. Details can be found at the Acropass homepage.

Meanwhile, in commemoration of the Acropass launching, Raphas is scheduled to hold an official launching conference at the Grand Ambassador Hotel on the 27th.



Dissolving Microstructure: This is a proprietary technology of Raphas and it helps absorb active ingredients (drugs) through super-fine needles (microstructures) without any pain as a new-concept drug delivery system to the body for maximum drug delivery effects. Its range of application is wide from cosmetic patches to production of medical patches using the dissolving microstructure technologies.